Erasmus in Kassel

Hello my name is Sofia and I’ve spent two months in Kassel for an Erasmus+ experience.

I found a great environment in the school and I really enjoyed the lessons. This was also a good experience for my personal growth because I became more independent and confident. 

It wasn’t always easy with the foreign language but I learned a lot and I liked to challenge myself with it.

If you have the opportunity to travel to another country with Erasmus you should take it because it will change your life forever. 

I had the chance to grow and to meet some new people that enriched my cultural heritage.

Obviously with the ups of the exchange there were also the downs because it’s difficult to stay away from your family and your friends for weeks but I knew I always had their support and that helped me a lot.

I wanted to say thank you to my host family, to the school and to everyone that made me have a good time in Kassel.

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